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The objects for which the Company is established are all or any of the following (and in construing of the following sub-clauses, the scope of no one such sub-clauses shall be deemed to limit of effect the scope of any other sub-clauses):

To carry on the business as Professional Evaluators, Surveyors, Engineering Services, Corporate Consultants, Search Reports Charge Registration and Credit Reports to provide the related expertise services to banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial institutions.

To do business as expert and give technical, legal opinions to other persons firms and companies and to examine into conditions, prospects, value and character of any business concerns and undertakings subject to the permission from relevant department.

To do business as assessors, appraisers, values and factors for all types of business permissible under the law concerns and commercial and industrial undertakings

To carry on business as insurance surveyors, inspectors, superintendents, overseers, examines, loss assessors, loss evaluators of all types, forms, nature and kinds.

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